Olive you
"My imagination and dreaming helps me get through the day."


- Pisces (zodiacsociety)


What’s one thing about today that you didn’t like? 
: that I missed certain people… and that I didn’t do much

Who is the last person that you said i love you to, besides family members? : a good friend of mine

Are you mad at anyone right now? : yes…

What’s a compliment you recieve often? 
: often I get compliments for certain braided hair dos or for the sound of my voice

Have you ever had a friend that got a bf/gf,and then completly ignored you? : yes, and that’s what one shoud call a “friend” ;)

Would you ever go back to any of your past relationships? : I’m not that crazy

Who was the last person to comfort you when you were upset or crying? : some people had to lately… including my mother and best friends

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? 
: in the future ;)

Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone? 
: taaaaalking is the best my dears… especially during the falling asleep time ;)

Do you know anyone that’s gotten an abortion before? 
: yes, indeed. and both are lovely women, don’t you dare judging them!

Do you think you could forgive someone for cheating on you?: one day or another I should… at least for me ;)

Who is the last person you argued with? : ugh, what do you mean by arguing? I like exchanging opinions.

Have you ever been arrested? : gosh, no

Who’s the last person that gave you roses? 
: ehm… I bought one myself haha. but one that is still living, not just its corpse ;)

Do you still talk to the first person you kissed? : occasionally ;)

What if you had a baby with the last person you kissed? : hmm that would be weird…

Do you have a picture of you kissing someone? : eeeh yeah from when I was about one year old or so…^^

Are you hard to please? : hmmm hardly depends

Have you ever gotten back with an ex? : nah

Who was the last person to comment one of your pictures? : an old friend of mine

Have you learned from your past mistakes? : from a few… I guess…?

Do you tend to go for older or younger when looking for someone to date? 
: older ;)

Who’s the last guy you texted? : texting one right now… he is one of the most important people in my life^^ he’s simply amazing and got me through a lot of teenage trouble ;)

What about the last girl? : oh she is an old friend of mine… knowing her lead to a lot of great things to me… she is a real sweetheart btw ;)

When do you want to get married? 
: nether ;)

Who was the last person to make you cry? 
: some red haired doctor

Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?: hello, you must be new…

What is one quality that you really appreciate in a person?: honesty, when someone is hard working

Is there anyone in your life who you won’t ever want to lose?: yes but I will or did already so… you know? wishes don’t need to come true…


October is National Pizza Month, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, National Pork Month, National Sausage Month, and American Cheese Month… but it’s also Health Literacy Month. Source


October is National Pizza Month, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month, National Pork Month, National Sausage Month, and American Cheese Month… but it’s also Health Literacy Month. Source

Update RE: YouTube Sex Abuse


Hey all.  I’ve been tweeting updates but I thought putting it all here might be easier.  Although you may have noticed some quieting, this problem has not been solved and we’re still working on it.  Here’s what I’m personally working on:

  Working with the survivors.  Another charge of rape has come forward and she may be filing a report/pressing charges.  There is some physical evidence.  We are evaluating whether or not it’s worth the process for her.  Others just want to close the book and move on with their life, but still want to help prevent it in the future.  We’re figuring it out.  I do hope there are some kind of legal consequences in all of this, but it’s not so simple.

  Working with the press.  I am in talks with The Guardian, BBC, Channel 4, and The New York Times.  It’s unclear what each outlet will be tackling specifically or if the stories will actually be published, but mostly it involves shedding more light on “big picture” stuff and how this problem goes beyond Sam Pepper and even YouTube.

  Working on another video - tentatively.  I don’t want to create more demands on myself because I’m still on tour and I’m already so stressed that I’m getting sick.  I am thinking about a more formal episode of Sex+ that will act as a guide to these situations for community members, creators, and victims.

  Working with YouTube itself.  We must get a policy implemented and acted upon to boot creators who do this.  It is absolutely unacceptable that they can build a career on content that depicts illegal and violating acts.  Getting this moving is very tricky because YouTube is notoriously hard to get a hold of and they have been very quiet about all this.  Another big YouTuber, who I won’t name for now, has had some luck mobilizing this with higher ups at Google and I am pursuing all my leads as well.


thanks for all your support everyone, really truly could not do this without an army behind me.  it’s been exhausting, but i believe down to my bones that we can and will make a change here.